Is Business Degree Better Than Marketing Degree?

Business Degree

Being successful in tech and tech-related industries is a dream for many. Well-managed tech companies are often some of the fastest growing and most profitable companies.

Leading these tech companies to success requires more than just programming and product development. However, leaders with business skills and knowledge are one of those key factors.

When it comes to education in the field of business. There are many options to consider, and these can shape your career substantially.

This all leads us down to that title question. Is it better to get a more general business degree than a specialized degree like marketing?

Business Degree

Doing business in the tech industry and online can be a bit different than performing in other sectors. But ultimately the basics of business are the same, and business degree programs are often the simplest way to pick those basics up.

A degree in business or business administration touches on a wide variety of business-related fields, ensuring you have a foundational understanding of areas like accounting, finance, management, and marketing.

Such programs also tend to have a focus on leadership and organizational psychology, giving students the skills needed to lead groups, projects, departments or even whole companies.

Business degrees can also lend some credibility to a resume, allowing potential employers to see that not only are you committed to getting ahead in business. But that you’ve definitely had the opportunity to pick up the skills you claim to have.

Business degree programs can also assist with networking. As the wider focus will give you the chance to meet people outside of your specific area of expertise. Also can provide relevant work experience through internships and projects set up by the school.

Overall, earning a degree in business gives graduates an essential level of understanding in a variety of areas of business, while still allowing for some customization and specialization into particular disciplines as you learn what interests you.

Marketing Degree

More specialized degrees, such as marketing degrees, place their focus much more narrowly. Marketing degree programs are usually still within a university’s school of business and are likely to have at least a few classes that overlap with general business degrees.

The main difference, however, is related to how deeply the degree explores its speciality.

Programs structured around marketing specifically are going to address not only the basic concepts of marketing like demographics, branding, and market research, but also push further.

They’ll have courses on international marketing, strategic marketing, sustainability, and, yes, tech-related issues like social media marketing and internet marketing.

Further specialization may even be an option, as marketing degrees sometimes offer concentrations in areas like digital marketing.

Like business degrees, internships and other opportunities to gain experience are also common with marketing degrees.

Business Degree Vs Marketing Degree

Deciding between the two degrees, or any other business-related degree doesn’t need to be difficult. For those who have a very specific career in mind, the more specialized degrees are an excellent option.

They allow students to obtain a thorough and in-depth understanding of their field of choice, setting them up for a successful career in marketing.

Finding a niche in which you can thrive through more focused concentrations can also provide an edge. Although that focus can make searching for the right job a bit more difficult.

Those who are less sure about what aspect of the business they’d like to work in are typically better off entering a general business degree program.

This will enable students to take courses in each area and find the one that fits them best before determining a concentration in the later years of their degree.

The question you should be asking isn’t which degree is better than another—it’s “which degree is best for me?” Both can lead to profitable, long-lasting careers in business, and either option is certainly better than no degree at all.

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