Top Corporate Tech Trends of 2022

Corporate Tech Trends

Over the last couple of decades, the business landscape has changed dramatically. The incorporation of the internet in our daily lives has made many aspects of running a business smoother.

However, what’s probably been the most affected by the advent of the internet is corporate technology. 

Come to think of it, large scale enterprises would be nowhere near as colossal and globally spread out if it weren’t for our internet-friendly mobile devices, online fax machines, video conferencing apps and more. 

As big companies begin to embrace the trend of remote work, businesses are now taking great strides to incorporate new, innovative technologies in their operations—as a much-needed competitive advantage.  

As the business landscape continues to evolve, we take a look at some of the latest technological interfaces that have been adopted by companies all over the world!  

1. Cloud Storage

Whether you consider cloud storage a boon or bane for modern businesses, it’s hard to deny that this new trend has completely revamped how organizations store, record, share and save data. 

For starters, cloud storage has reduced the need for businesses to make major investments in setting up IT departments or inhouse database managers.

Data management is a lot more flexible now and because it’s easily accessible on multiple devices, businesses have also found it easier to expand their operations.

Platforms like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are commonly used cloud storage systems that many corporations have subscribed to for their daily business communication needs. 

2. Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have also played a huge role in transforming the way corporations now operate and collaborate on projects. A testament to the popularity of mobile applications is the ease with which you can find a website in app form. 

Mobile applications let business owners, executives and managers run the show on their fingertips as they can easily note and save data on their devices.

The fact that mobile apps promote instant and consistent connectivity means it’s promoting employee productivity round the clock! We anticipate mobile apps to go bigger in the coming years. 

3. Business App and Smartphone Integration

While the aforementioned tech-trends are all game-changers in their own respect, we have to pay attention to the variety of business tools and applications that allow us to integrate different technologies.

Corporations are now able to combine their CRM software, cloud storage systems and other applications for flexible business operations around the clock. 

4. VoIP Phones

No list of technological trends in the corporate world is complete without mentioning VoIP phone systems. Voice over Internet Protocols has truly made it easier for businesses to operate in a cut-throat economy like that of the US. 

Depending on their service provider, corporations can avail unique features like call forwarding, virtual receptionist, fax to email transcription and more!

Major providers like Ooma and RingCentral offer amazing pricing plans for all outbound calls while others like Vonage are able to accommodate over 10,000 extensions on a single subscription!

The best part is that corporations can now find these app integration tools built into their VoIP phone systems too! Which simply goes to show that integrated cloud and telecommunications solutions are the future of our businesses!

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