What Is Enterprise Labeling and Why It’s Beneficial

Employee Working On Enterprise Labeling

What is Enterprise Labeling?

Enterprise labeling is the process of labeling goods that is more centralized and ensures complete access to the label from multiple departments. While you might see labeling as just a single component, there are many things that go into it. There’s artwork, the label design, the layout, the information, and the barcodes listed on the label.

Using Enterprise labeling software can help you start using the approach so that your supply chain runs better than ever.

Components of Enterprise Labeling

Labels have various components that are controlled by different departments. Enterprise labeling brings everyone together and gives them centralized access to the labels. Not only that, but this allows each department to update the parts they need to while giving the label unlimited flexibility.

In a nutshell, this approach makes your labeling far more versatile. It connects labeling to data-driven business processes. Enterprise labeling programs serve as a bridge between business applications and labeling software so that they two are linked closer than ever.

Uses of Enterprise Labeling

While the word “enterprise” is in the name, this process is for all businesses. Nearly every business has multiple departments and many of them have a hand in labeling. 

Unless there truly is only one person involved in labeling, then this approach useful to ensure that everyone has equal access to the different label components.

Labels frequently change based on artwork, marketing, layout, barcode requirements, method of shipping, and much more. This approach allows everyone to be involved and ensures that there are no hiccups in the supply chain.

Benefits of Enterprise Labeling

Enterprise Labeling allows everyone to access the label when they need to rather than sending files to someone else and hoping they correctly update the label. This also gives centralized access and allows the label to be more versatile.

Another benefit is reduced redundancy. Many departments find themselves working on different variations of the same label. This reduces productivity and results in unnecessary work. 

Enterprise Labeling also ensures consistency as all labels look and function the same. There is also less internal network usage, which results in better bandwidth and more productivity. 


Labeling is essential to your business since minor problems can disrupt the whole supply chain. The enterprise labeling approach ensures that all relevant departments have access to labels and offers many benefits such as consistency, versatility, and improved productivity.

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