How To Add A User To Google My Business

Google My Business

Owning a Google My Business Listing for your organization is vital for local SEO and driving qualified traffic/leads to your website. 

Whether you want to add internal members of your business to the GMB listing, or you’re providing access to an agency to manage your listing for you, read our guide on how to add users to Google My Business in as little as 5 minutes. 

Types Of Users In Google My Business

Google My Business offers several user permission levels of access, which we’ll cover below: 

Owner Level Permissions

Owner level permissions offer the greatest authority for Google My Business. While there is only one primary owner at a time, you can add several owners that can do the following: 

  • Accept updates from Google
  • Edit business information
  • Create/publish posts
  • Respond to reviews
  • Download insights
  • Add or delete other users
  • Manage Google Ads account links
  • Use messaging
  • Edit attributes, phone number and services
  • Add/edit photos, logos, products
  • Respond to Q&A

Manager Level Permissions

Managers have nearly the same level of permissions as owners on Google My Business Listings. The main difference is the inability to add or remove other users. 

Site Manager Permissions

Site managers have the lowest level of permissions on GMB. Having said that, they can do the following: 

  • Download insights
  • Respond to reviews
  • Create/publish posts
  • Edit some business information

How To Add Users To A GMB Listing On Desktop

Now that you have an idea as to which permission levels you should be providing to a user, we’ll walk through how to add users to your Google My Business listing on a desktop device. 

Sign Into Your Google My Business Profile

First, you’ll want to sign into Google My Business.

Open Your Desired Location

Next, you’ll select the location that you want to add a user to (assuming you manage several locations)

Click “Users” Button

From this menu, you’ll then select the “users” tab in the left side of the screen.

Click On “Invite New Managers” Button

After that, you’ll see a “Invite New Users” button, which you’ll select in the top right corner. 

Enter Email Address And Select User Role

From here you’ll enter the name or email address for the new user you want to add to the listing. You’ll also select the permission level you want to provide to that user, ranging from User, Manager, or Site Manager.

Send Invite

After that, you’ll send the invite. Once the new user accepts the invitation, they’ll have access to the Google My Business Listing. 

How To Add Users To A GMB Listing On Mobile

If you’re trying to add a user to a GMB Listing on a mobile device, you’ll follow a similar process: 

Open GMB App On Your Device

First, open the GMB app on your smartphone.

Select “More”

Next, you’ll select the “More” option on your smartphone.

Select “Manage Users” 

After that, you’ll select the “Manage Users” option. 

Select Plus Sign In Top Right Corner

Now, tap the plus sign (+) in the top right corner of the screen.

Enter Email Address For Desired User

GMB will then prompt you to enter an email address for your desired user. 

Select Role Of User

Select the role you want to assign to that user, ranging from owner, manager, or site manager. 

Send Invite

Lastly, you’ll send out an invite to the user – once they accept the invite in their inbox, they’ll have immediate access to GMB.

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