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Is Domain Name Important For SEO?

Domain Name

Without a doubt, it is. The domain name is the representation of what your website is about. When people see the domain name, they should be able to understand what the website is all about.

A well-optimized domain name will effectively entice people to click it in the search results over all the other results that may show up. The audience would be able to figure out what service or product is on offer and what content to expect.

If there is something you can learn from spammers, it is how to effectively use domain names to attract attention.

Some of them will choose names like “” this is certainly going to attract the attention of someone looking to earn money from home. It is no surprise that they do get a lot of clicks and are ranked high.

With the right domain name, you can target the right audience and get bumped up on the search engine rankings. There are two key aspects to put into consideration when choosing a domain name. They are:

  1. Keywords
  2. Branding


A domain name with the keywords can attract more clicks and improve the ranking compared to one that probably has nothing to do with the keywords.

A business dealing in phone repairs may consider choosing a domain name like “”.

This is likely to give Google insight into what your website is about and let it show up inappropriate search results. However, the second aspect may have a bigger impact on ranking.


The audience tends to recognize and memorize brands more than they recognize keywords. So choosing a domain name in line with your business name or brand will gain you more points with both Google and the audience.

Experts advise that the domain name should match your business name. An established brand would not even need to use keywords in their domain name because they are already recognized. You cannot expect Adidas to have a domain name like “”

Google pays more attention to brands since its users take more notice of brands and trust them more. With a brand domain name, you can attract more attention than a keyword stuffed name.

However, not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a brand domain name. It usually works if:

  • Your brand name is unique
  • You have carried our promotions to establish your brand
  • Your name and brand are the same
  • The audience can recognize your brand

There are however other domain name options like location domains, brand and keyword or location, and service domains.

Brand and Keyword Domain

You may choose to combine the brand name with the keywords. If for example you are a cleaning service business and the brand name is “Cleans” you can choose to create a domain name that combines the two and come up with “”.

Here you can benefit from both the recognition of the brand as well as the optimization of the keywords.

Location Domain Name

You can also choose to capitalize on the location of your business after all you want to have more clients from that area so within the domain name you can add the location. “” would make your domain name more location-specific.

Location and Service Domain Name

You can also choose to use the location and the service you provide so the domain name could be “”.

Google can identify the location of your business and the service it provides so more people in that area will be able to find you. You may, however, find most of these domain names have already been taken and you may have to add variations to it.

Things to Keep in Mind

As you choose the domain name, here are some considerations to take

  • Is the name easy to remember or identify?
  • Does it inspire trust and relevance?
  • Might someone think it is a spam website?
  • How well does it describe your business and create brand awareness?

Final Thought

Think of the impact the domain name will have on your audience and then on Google. Keep it simple and do not be too creative. You can also do the first test for the name when you look at it, would you click on it? Would you find it easy to remember?

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