5 Tips For Choosing The Right Cubicles For Your Company

Office Cubicles

A comfortable working environment is important for employees, so they remain as productive as possible. A view to the outside with glass windows is always a boost to morale in the office. Choosing the correct spaces will lead to less fatigue and happier employees.

Determining the best workstation can be confusing if the individual isn’t sure which configuration to choose. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tips for choosing the right cubicles for your company

1. Choosing A Vision

Before designing a space and choosing what type of cubicles to use, a company should determine its vision for space. Considering if space will remain the same for a long period or be changed frequently because of the business needs should be a consideration.

The balance of privacy and office efficiency is another consideration that should be given when planning an office space.

2. The Amount Of Space An Employee Needs

Depending on the type of work an employee performs will determine the size of their cubicle. If the employee is on the computer and the telephone most of their day, they will require a smaller space than someone who needs filing cabinets and manages various documents.

The space should be large enough to house the office equipment needed in the cubicle. It should provide a writing surface.

3. Privacy

Privacy in a cubicle is important. Conversations with other employees or telephone calls that should not have any interruption require a taller cubicle so others cannot hear the conversation.

If the goal is a collaboration between employees, lower cubicle walls should be used. Benching systems can be used in an open office plan with modular cubicles.

4. Value

When purchasing cubicles, value is important. Cubicles are a large investment a company will make and don’t assume a major brand will provide better options.

Companies that sell and install cubicles might offer a project manager who will help to design and install the cubicles in the office space. If you are concerned about using green materials, then discuss this concern with the cubicle company.

5. Comfort

The comfort of a cubicle space will add to an employee’s productivity. The height of the desk counter should be appropriate for the average size of the employees. For example, a 30-inch-high desk would be too tall for a person five feet tall.

A 30-inch deck is more suitable for an individual who is over six feet tall. An improperly sized desk will cause back and shoulder pain. Ergonomic furniture is very important for comfort throughout the workday.

When an employee is permitted to personalize their work area, they will feel comfortable while productivity and morale will increase.

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