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Web Design Hacks To Increase Leads

Web Design Hacks

It’s quite possible to use your website effectively and grow the business. Your website can help achieve the goal of lead generation or revenue generation but not before you get the design right.

You first need to understand the trends and patterns in the market and then utilize web design hacks to realize the true potential of your business.

There are web design strategies that you can use to attract more traffic and convert that into leads which ultimately results in sales. You however need to use the right web design strategies to grow your leads.

 Here in this article we will discuss the best web design hacks to increase leads.

1. Place your CTAs and offers perfectly  

It’s quite important to know the areas of the site where visitors are clicking and scrolling more often. This will help you position CTAs and offers in a perfect manner. You can thus easily attract the desired number of clicks without having to invest a lot of money.

There are heat map tools to know about the areas where visitors click and also about the source or origin of those clicks. Also, do split testing to know the areas with the most chances of conversions. So, be ready for optimizing conversions on the site to grow your leads.   

2. Do site conversion audits 

Without doing site conversion audits, it would be difficult to know the elements needed for maximizing conversions. This will also help you understand whether or not the existing web design structure is optimized for traffic conversion.

Only a UX expert will be able to do a comprehensive conversion audit in an error-free manner. With them, you can easily know conversion hurdles and design changes that to maximize conversion easily.

Conversion audits will also help you deliver optimized targeted messages and cut back on the money that goes on needless strategies and elements.  

3. Include trust signals and testimonials  

Purchase is always on sites that enjoy trust among visitors. If people don’t trust your website, why would they make a purchase on it? That’s why the foremost goal should be to develop trust by including signals and testimonials from customers who have already made purchases.

You can display the trust of industry partners, showcase awards, recognition, accreditations, etc. to let customers know your reliability level.

Never ever engage in acts that breach the trust of customers, like posting fake reviews or testimonials. It’s always important to be genuine and make only authentic changes to win customers trust.  

4. Do split testing for better conversion 

Split testing is key to boosting conversions. It can help add value to your effort in making changes to website designs and then weighing them on conversion level.

It also helps in creating multiple versions of the landing page with small variations and check which ones deliver better conversions. This is how changes to web design can be mapped for value creation.     

5. Get key insight into traffic with Google Analytics 

The use of Google Analytics in web design can prove very beneficial in knowing sources of traffic and their utility towards conversion. Marketers find Google Analytics data quite reliable when it comes to understanding traffic sources and their usefulness to the conversion.

Marketers can stop investing in traffic sources that convert poorly and rather invest in those that have the potential to deliver more value to the business. 

6. Include live chat in the design

 Live chat can significantly improve conversions for any business across industries. This feature is not only meant for e-commerce websites as any company can benefit from and enhance the experience for their customers.

But yes, make sure you use the live chat feature to aid value to your customers as only this will help in conversion.

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