Why Businesses Should Embrace Digital Signatures?

Digital Signatures 2

Are you looking for reasons why businesses should embrace digital signatures? In this article, we will help you make up your mind. Digital signatures come with numerous benefits and understanding them will be of great help to any business. Here are some of the top reasons why businesses should embrace digital signatures.

1. Cost-Efficiency

Businesses incur various costs when it comes to managing documentation workflow. These include the cost of buying paper, printing, scanning, and storage. It also covers the shipping costs and handling costs, among others. Organizations that adopt e-signature can significantly reduce their expenses in handling documents.

Additionally, ditching a paper-based system for a digital-based solution can save 80% of the shipping cost for organizations. The cost of time that is invested in printing, scanning, sending, filing, and thrashing documents is also very significant. Overall, adopting digital signature has many benefits for organizations.

2. Time-Efficiency

Managing documents is very time-consuming. The time invested in printing, scanning, and sending documents is something else and the filing process is the most tedious of the whole process. 

From the point of developing the document to printing and distributing it to different signatories and following up on the signature, it can be quite an exhausting project.

All these contribute to the delay and time-wasting effort associated with physical documents. According to reports, about 65% of enterprises that operate a pen and paper system add an extra day to their whole work process.

3. Availability of Information

Searching through folders, drawers, and cabinets for a document can be frustrating, especially if a document is wrongly filed. It can sometimes take an entire day to locate a single document.

Digitally signed documents are stored in the cloud, which is easy to access. Any authorized persons can access stored documents with a few clicks without the stress of digging through heaps of folders and files. All these lead to productivity and better workflow.


Digital signature is no longer a choice but a must for businesses that want to succeed. Investing in a reputable digital signature tool can reap huge benefits for businesses.

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